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About Us

Awaio is a Latin American company seeking solutions to promote water security in territories and foster a more fluid and harmonious relationship with water, recognizing its importance and relevance. Awaio aims to make this a serious, emotional, and genuine discourse, recovering what mattered and was lost. We believe in empathy as the driving force for teamwork to co-develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the territory.

Inspired by the Quechua word "Awayo" (pronounced aguayo), it is a woven fabric used as a wrap, backpack, or ornament, particularly by women of indigenous descent. Its conceptual significance of protection, origin, care, and life make this name highly potent. It represents Latin America. The word "awa" written in this way signifies two things: water and origin. Its "io" ending provides identity and resonance, while also phonetically evoking the "human being"; thus promoting the relationship between water and the self.

Some of our work

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The Latam4WEF Innovation Lab and Academy, a collaborative effort by SAFEEM and Nexus, successfully held its Matchmaking Demo Day and announced the winner, AiGROU. This machine-learning platform assists farmers in optimizing water usage and mitigating climate risks.

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Bogotá hosted Blue Drinks #1, an event aimed at fostering collective understanding between policymakers, researchers, specialists, activists, NGOs, professionals, students, and water users about water challenges, opportunities, and sustainability in Colombia.

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Training in Integrated Water Resources Management, Water Security, Nature-Based Solutions for Water, and Water Culture. Developing capacities in decision-makers at different levels and organizational units of public and private entities.  Creating a comprehensive vision and analysis of urban management models to achieve Water Security.

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The Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean on Water and Sanitation (OLAS) is a digital platform that collects relevant information from the water and sanitation sector in the region and contributes to monitoring the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Awaio was part of the team for the diagnosis and action plan for Colombia, Peru, Panama, and Costa Rica.

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HERMANA (Integrated Water Management Tool), is an online integrated solution designed to assist managers and specialists from water companies or institutions in making critical, data-driven decisions from various sources, enabling sustainable and equitable water resource management. 

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca in Colombia is currently using HERMANA to promote evidence-based decision-making processes.

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Data compilation, processing, and analytics for 50 indicators related to water security in Colombia for the study "A Change of Course: Water Security for Recovery and Sustainable Growth". Measures to mitigate the negative impacts of these water-related crises are analyzed, and priority investments are recommended to improve the performance of the water sector. Diagnosis and recommendations.

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Our Team

High Performance Professionals in ​Water Management, Climate Action, and Sustainable Development

Awaio has an international network of professionals specialized in water and environmental sciences, including integrated water management, climate change, governance, environmental planning, urban and rural innovation, nature-based solutions, stakeholder engagement, water security, hydrological and hydraulic modeling, computer tools, among others.

MSc. Eng. Ana Carola Sossa Mendez

​Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

+17 years of experience in socio-environmental studies and stakeholder engagement with a focus on human rights, climate change, and education for sustainable development. I have been part of interdisciplinary teams for consultancy projects in comprehensive territorial planning and project development with a focus on climate change, risk management, and children's rights. I have been involved in collaborative environmental assessments, co-development and implementation of tools for environmental performance and risk assessment, and I provide postgraduate teaching on climate crisis, edu-communication, and children's rights.

MSc. Eng. Saul Buitrago Diaz

​Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

+18 years of experience in integrated water resource management projects, hydrology, flood risk management studies, forecasting, planning, and design of nature-based solutions for water resources management and utilization. In 2015,      I was in charge of designing and developing a system for integrated water management in the Bogotá River Basin (floods and resource planning) for the environmental corporation. I have worked on projects designing nature-based solutions (rainwater harvesting, wetlands and storage and buffer ponds, infiltration trenches) for the purpose of water resource utilization and management of extreme events.

MSc. Eng. Sergio Nauffal Monsalve

​Co-founder & Board Member

+15 years of experience in water infrastructure project development. I have had the opportunity to structure and develop projects for both public and private sectors, promoting mechanisms for efficient governance and appropriate stakeholder management. During my time at Findeter, I had the opportunity to support the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank, incorporating integrated water management into territorial development. 

I am an active member of the Technical Regulations of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector in Colombia representing the National Guild Council, and have served on the  board of directors of Acodal and GWP Colombia on behalf of O-tek.

What we do

Water Governance

Working with public and private institutions to enhance efficiency and evidence-based decision-making in water management. This involves collaborating on the development and implementation of policies, regulations, and strategies that promote sustainable and equitable water resource management.

Data Management and Hydroinformatics

Assisting water entities in making informed decisions by leveraging information technology and data analysis. This includes providing diagnostics, data governance strategies, data mining and analysis, development of digital tools and early warning systems, and implementing low-cost sensors for real-time monitoring.

Infrastructure for Water Management

Designing and developing infrastructure projects that promote nature-based solutions and circular economy principles. These projects range from multipurpose water infrastructure to flood management systems and ecosystem-based approaches to enhance water security and resilience.

Education for Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of education in fostering sustainable practices. Designing and implementing capacity-building and educational programs focused on human rights and environmental sustainability, tailored to the specific needs of each territory. These programs aim to empower communities and stakeholders to effectively participate in water resource management and decision-making processes.